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Every Child Deserves Clean Water

Every Child Deserves Clean Water

There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. People are struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need for drinking. Without clean, easily accessible water, families and communities are locked in poverty for generations. Children drop out of school and parents struggle to make a living.

Access to clean water changes everything; it’s a stepping-stone to development. When people gain access to clean water, they are better able to practice good hygiene and sanitation. Children enjoy good health and are more likely to attend school. Parents put aside their worries about water-related diseases and lack of access to clean water.
Annsagar Foundation has made progress in making clean drinking water accessible to everyone.


A kid came running to our gate to ask for water  and that is when we decided  to set up a water cooler outside our gate for every thirty person passing by.
And then one day we came up with a idea of putting a white board to write positive quotes as we feel that drinking water relaxes their minds and souls whereas the positive quotes motivates them.

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